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Animal Photo Puppet:


Prop Story:

Animal is the ultimate rocker, an irresistible force of nature with a passion for drums, women and the wild life! Wearing a spiked collar and leash (for our protection, not his), Animal roams through life on a never-ending world tour of joyful abandon and limitless mayhem. Some say his antics were inspired by the likes of John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and Keith Moon of The Who. Whatever the case, this indomitable drummer’s drummer is a true original, who has captured our hearts—and escaped capture—since he first burst on the scene on “The Muppet Show”.

Despite his often outrageous behavior, Animal is actually a sweet soul, a true innocent who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’d as soon cuddle a bunny as chase a beautiful girl. (Okay, so maybe he’d cuddle the bunny second, but you get the idea.) Either way, his appetite for life is unbridled and his uninhibited attitude an inspiration to us all.

Though a relatively simple puppet, Animal is a true work of art. His shaggy mop of hair, for instance, is created by stitching individual boa feathers to his head one at a time. For still photo shoots, Muppet Photo Puppets were built with wire armatures instead of hand openings.

Master Replicas is proud to present this first-ever authentic replica of an Animal Photo Puppet, created using the same patterns and similar materials as the originals. However he is posed, Animal is always poised for out of control action. Be prepared for anything, and let the party begin!


Fully posable with mouth expression, and movable eyelids


Full articulation in neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and fingers


Comes with a custom display stand and numbered plaque


Limited Edition of 1500

Animal "Photo" Puppet Limited Edition measures approximately 38” x 5” x 8.5”

© 2007 Disney Ltd. & TM.


Special Thanks to Chris B. for the detailed pictures!


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