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The HOTTEST Pachinko Machine, Star Trek from Taiyo Elec!
It took a lot to find and secure a few of these for the shop but we finally did....
We are the ONLY dealers in the USA who have them!!

Join the crew of the Starship Enterprise on it's mission to explore the galaxy in this exciting 2007 Pachinko machine direct from Japan. Huge LCD Screen, dazzling LED light effects, and of course the Trek characters you love in unique Japanese Animated Style....

Get yours before they're gone!

Star Trek Pachinko Machine

Sold Out


Indiana Jones Pachinko!!

Our other featured machine is the Indiana Jones one. Just like the Star Wars Pachinko and actually made by the same company this one brings the Indiana Jones Adventure to your game room. As always, plenty of cut scenes and special animated Indy characters add to the fun. The theme music plays as you move along through the game and in addition to an animatronic Indy in a coal cart from the Temple of Doom movie!


And from Newgin, the Godzilla Pachinko....

Godzilla (ゴジラ, Gojira?) is a kaijū (fictional Japanese monster) from the Godzilla series of science fiction films. He was first seen in the 1954 film Godzilla and, to date, has appeared in 28 films, all of which were produced by Toho Co. Ltd. Now Toho has teamed with Newgin to remake the much loved 2003 pachinko into a newer version!

Direct from Japan's Pachinko Parlors is Newgin's series of Godzilla pachinko machines exclusively for the Japanese market where pachinko parlors are very popular. This machine feature a Animatronic Godzilla Head Looming Over the HUGE, over 14 inch, LCD High Definition play field! The digital display that plays animated & live action footage from the new Godzilla: Final Wars movie of 2006 (This Machines Release Date too!).

Godzilla Pachinko Machine

Sold Out



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