'Diplomatic Mission' Diorama:

Darth Vader is the most potent icon of the Galactic Empire's might, and his towering height and menacing gaze are the ultimate tools of intimidation. The product of the Emperor himself, Vader answers to only the highest in the Imperial command structure and is granted great leeway in the work he conducts on his master's behalf. Once a Jedi, Vader possesses absolute command over the Force, and through him it is directed to terrible and often fatal effect. As a Lord of the Sith, the dark side flows through him, and it can be channeled to kill with a single thought or to subdue his detractors, enemies and sometimes even subordinates. Feared by Rebels and Imperials alike, Darth Vader is a terrifying union of man and machine hidden beneath black robes and forbidding armor. Vader commands the massive Imperial fleet and rules his forces through unquestionable terror, determined to hunt down and extinguish the Rebel Alliance.

Seeking to broaden his control over the Empire, the Emperor commissions the creation of the Death Star. The immense space station carries a superlaser weapon capable of destroying entire planets with a single beam. When Rebel Alliance spies learn of the weapon's existence, they steal the Death Star's technical schematics from guarded Imperial vaults and transmit them to Princess Leia Organa, who stores the plans in R2-D2's memory systems. But when Vader hears reports of the transmission, he deploys his forces to recover the stolen plans.

When Darth Vader and his stormtroopers seize the Rebel Alliance ship, the Tantive IV, they quickly begin interrogating its crew for information on the stolen Death Star plans believed to be on board. Lord Vader moves quickly to locate the stolen plans, and has little patience in his inquisition. Vader chooses to make an example of the commander of the Tantive IV, Captain Raymus Antilles, and uses his physical might to lift Antilles off the deck of the starship, one hand gripping the rebel's throat. Captain Antilles refuses to give up any information on the plans' whereabouts or betray the Rebel Alliance, and Vader impatiently and quite viscerally ends the interrogation.

Sideshow Collectibles and Lucasfilm are proud to present the Diplomatic Mission Diorama, one of the most dramatic Star Wars scenes to ever be captured in polystone! The detailed sculpture captures this moment of evil in which Darth Vader exerts his dark power on the loyal Captain Antilles. Each diorama is hand cast in high quality polystone, hand-finished and hand painted to exacting standards. This stunning piece will make an outstanding addition to any Star Wars collection!

2008 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM.

Product Type: Polystone Diorama
Product Size: 12" H (304.8mm) x 10" W (254mm) x 9" L (228.6mm)*
Box Size: 14.00" H (355.6mm) x 12.00" W (304.8mm) x 11.00" L (279.4mm)*
Est. Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs (5.44 kg)*
* Product size and weight are approximate values. Weight is an estimated value calculated by item, box and shipping materials.

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