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Snow White and The Seven Dwarves:
Evil Queen's Heart Box

It’s luxurious, magical and gorgeous! That describes our rendition of the box belonging to Snow White’s nemesis, the Evil Queen, who ruthlessly commissions her huntsman to kill her rival and bring back her heart in this bedazzling container.
Master Replicas, under license from the Walt Disney Company, has recreated the Evil Queen's Heart Box. In an effort to achieve absolute authenticity, original animation drawings were studied to produce this high quality, officially licensed replica. The solid birch box has a high-gloss lacquer finish and is lined with soft velvet-like material perfect for jewelry and other valuables. The box closes as the tip of the golden sword slides into the box’s prominent 18k gold-plated heart. The Evil Queen's Heart Box, a symbol of both unspeakable evil and the courage of those who defy it, will be a great conversation piece and a spectacular addition to any Disney Showcase Collection.

The Update we've all been waiting for....
From eFX:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney's first full length feature animation production and
is ranked as the greatest animated film of all time by the American Film Institute. It endures to this
day for the young and the young at heart.

Standing out in a movie packed with memorable firsts, is the performance of the Evil Queen, Snow
White's wicked stepmother. Voiced by Lucille La Verne and inspired in looks by the Academy
A Award™ winning actress Gale Sondergaard, the Queen gives an unforgettable performance as the
jealous antagonist to the heroine, Snow White.

Obsessed with her own beauty, the vain Queen is driven to plot the death of Snow White when her
magical mirror informs her that Snow White's beauty eclipses hers. She orders her huntsman to
take Snow White into the woods, kill her and to bring her heart back in an ornate box with a heart
and dagger clasp it when the deed is done.

This exquisite replica is handcrafted in solid rosewood with 24 Karat gold plated details. When the
Queen presents the box to the huntsman she clamps the lid tight, piercing the heart with a dagger
clasp. This replica captures the power of this demand.

David Kracov is familiar to Disney Collectors the world over. David's unique sculptural style has
earned him a legion of fans and many of his classic Disney character and theme park ride
sculptures have become some of the most sought after and valuable Disney collectibles. David
chose to recreate the moment where the Evil Queen is about to drink the magical elixir from the
golden chalice to transform into the old Hag, and the moment that the Old Hag offers the
poisonous red "wishing" apple to Snow White. These sculptures are in David's signature style and
represent the first Disney themed works that David has done in almost ten years.


- Innovative "dagger piercing the heart" locking mechanism
- Inlaid enamel panels

- 2 Original sculptures by renown sculptor David Kracov portraying the transition f the Evil Queen to the Old Hag: The Evil Queen is holding the golden chalice with the magical elixir and the Old Hag is holding the fateful apple.

- Handcrafted in solid rosewood with 24 Karat gold and real jade details
- Precious stone details on dagger
-- Unique 3 piece cobblestone pedestal
- Edition Size: 500 pieces worldwide
- Numbered Plaque
- Certificate of Authenticity


Officially licensed by Disney.
Approximate dimensions:
Heart Box: 8” L x 5” W x 5” H.
Evil Queen Sculpture: 11"H X 6"W X 4"D
Old Hag Sculpture: 6 5/8"H X 6"D X 4"W

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