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Icons "Extra's"

We recently acquired a boatload of Original Icons Extra's: COA's, Care Instructions, Plaques, etc from an old Icons Employee......

These are all Authentic Original pieces that was packed away over a decade ago - pulled from their storage locker and sent direct to us!

We'll be pouring over it all and adding more as we can, but if your looking for something let us know and we'll try to help find it.

Complete your prop!

Many Icons pieces were shipped without the accompanying paperwork/plaques/etc.

We were fortunate to acquire these and are excited to pass it on to you.

Please note: Some COA's are numbered and others un-numbered Pictures below are of "one" of the COA's we have, yours will be randomly picked, packed like glass and shipped safely.
 If you'd like a specific number or "blank" please ask.
The COA's are as produced long ago, some are hand signed by the original Icons Exec/Creator, have the raised silver/gold stamp, etc....

Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park Velocirator Egg Icons COA





Jurassic Park Velociraptor Claw Plaque (un-painted) Plaque








Batman Forever Throwing Bird / Red Bird Icons COA




Xena Chakram Icons COA



Lost in Space


Lost In Space Will Robinson Billy Mumy Signature Edition Laser Pistol Plaque







Lost In Space Major West Mark Goddard Signature Edition Laser Pistol Plaque








Lost in Space William Robinson Laser Pistol Icons COA







Lost in Space Major West Laser Pistol Icons COA







Lost in Space Standard Laser Pistol Icons COA







T2 - Terminator


Endoskull Icons COA




Endoarm Icons COA




Terminator 2: Judgment Day Endoskull Plaque









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