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One of the most famous/infamous Prop Replicas companies was Icons. Founder back in the mid 90's by a group of movie insiders they started out with very lofty goals and a very impressive licensing catalog!

Unfortunately, management was not as strong a trait as their design abilities and the company folded along with quite a large amount of collectors $$$. But their work stands the test of time and they did make quite a large array of replicas from the 1st Star Wars Lightsaber Replicas, Jurassic Park, Terminator, MIB, and Lost in Space along with many others and a huge amount of prototypes that were never completed.

Here's what we have In Stock!:

Jurassic Park Replicas



MIB - Men in Black


Batman Replicas

Batman Ice-a-rang & Robins Red-Bird


The Mask


Lost in Space Replicas


X-Files Replicas



Independence Day ID4 Replicas









Icons Plaques - COA's - Extras


Lot's of pieces in stock


Please check back soon for more!




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