Jabba the Hutt:

Sideshow has again outdone themselves with the newest addition to the 12" Star Wars Figure line: Jabba the Hutt. We are now taking Pre-Orders on Jabba and his accessories (Throne, Critters, & Future figures will be added as they become available).

While the Emperor may lay claim to Tatooine and all the other worlds of the known galaxy, everyone on the suns-bleached dust-ball of a planet knows that the real power on this scorched rock is not some Core-dwelling Sith Lord, but the notorious gangster and criminal kingpin, Jabba the Hutt. Having carved out a profitable criminal business network for himself over the decades before the Empire's rise, Jabba now holds court on Tatooine in his humid desert fortress as if nothing has changed. The Empire or the Republic, it's all much the same for the Hutts, whose shady business interests run the length of the Outer Rim.

With his broad, lipless mouth, bulging eyes, vast belly and stubby little arms, Jabba is a typical Hutt in every physical dimension, but his ambition, pride and avarice would rival even the best of his kind. An ambitious slug from the Desilijic Hutt clan, Jabba has based himself on Tatooine- an unremarkable world, but for its proximity to the intersection of two busy trade routes. While keeping residences in each of the planet's major settlements, Jabba primarily runs his operation from the musty halls of an old monastery on the edge of the Dune Sea. The B'Omarr monks tolerate his presence, and that of his innumerable flunkies and goons, with typically mystical patience, too busy meditating on their own transcendence to bear the gangsters that share their home much mind.

Employing all kinds of individuals in his various smuggling, arms dealing and slave trading ventures, Jabba has often had occasion to hire brash Corellian pilot Han Solo. Unfortunately for Han, his spice-smuggling runs for the Hutt have come to a nasty end. Forced to dump a precious cargo when boarded by an Imperial patrol, Solo has earned a price on his head, attracting the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy and culminating in his capture by the worst of them all, Boba Fett. Is Han destined to become a permanent fixture on Jabba's trophy wall, or has the slug finally bitten off more than he can chew this time? Solo has powerful friends..

Jabba's Critters: (Buboicullaar  Creature Pack):

Vermin of all kinds infest Tatooine's dusty mesas and arroyos. Crowded into pockets of shade beneath bluffs or leaning boulders, they seek shelter from the planet's searing twin suns. Sand mites and bantha ticks, sand-swimming worms of all kinds and crusty-backed kreetles, most are harmless enough, or, at worst, present little more than an inconvenience to Tatooine's colonists. Yet, among the scuttling gutter-grubs and scavengers there are some more dangerous creatures that warrant closer scrutiny and greater caution.

Among the nasty surprises to greet a weary moisture farmer returning to his hovel after a hot day's work might be a spiny rock wart that has crawled into the welcome shade of his home. Though not ordinarily aggressive towards larger animals, Rock warts have a deadly neurotoxin that can kill a man as easily as the small invertebrate and lizard prey upon which the creature usually feeds. The lethal venom, administered by a bite to subdue fleeing prey, might just as readily be used by a surprised rock wart in its own defense, having been sat on or stepped upon in the dark. Misunderstanding or not, the unfortunate recipient of a Wart wound is seldom alive long enough to care about the reason he was bit.

Rock warts are usually solitary creatures, but Tatooine's most famous vermin are the highly social womp rats, which can roam in loose packs of several dozen individuals. The largest are over two meters from nose to tail, and, while cowardly when alone, can be intimidating in large numbers. Opportunistic scavengers, a hungry womp rat pack might trouble a weakened traveler and overwhelm them en mass, though usually they are viewed more as an annoyance than a real threat. In some farming communities, sport is made of bulls-eyeing the giant rodents from low-flying airspeeders.

Visitors to Jabba the Hutt's remote palace on the edge of the Dune Sea might be forgiven for thinking that he encouraged free-roaming vermin in his abode, and indeed the palace does support a vast community of uninvited guests, but some of these seemingly unintelligent creatures are much more than they seem. Like the wall-clinging Ghoel, the frog-like Bubo is in fact a sentient being, albeit only barely. With stubby legs, a bulbous belly and a wide, toothy maw, set beneath a pair of dull eyes, the beast hardly projects a image of mental agility, but he has foiled at least one assassination attempt upon his master. Bubo, whose full name is Buboicullaar, thwarted a would-be-bomber's plan by consuming a vital component of the explosive's detonator, thereby earning his keep for another few weeks at least.

The Buboicullaar Creature Pack 12 inch Figure features:

bulletRock wart
bulletWomp rat (Everybody NEEDS a Womp Rat!)

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