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What's New!

6/5/17- Lupin the 3rd: Lupin the End Pachinko arrives next week! in stock! Unique NEW late 2016 machine with "Peace Gun" interaction.

5/10/17 - Anovos is shipping the Captain Phasma Premier Line Helmets this week! Order page is up right now - only a few left for order here,

3/21/17 - Yes the rumor is true! eFX is shipping something!!!! Well not just something BUT EVERYTHING!! It's Prop Replica-paloza: Iron Man Helmet, GotG Star Lord Helmet, Falcon Replica, and the red-headed step child of them all: The Scout Trooper Helmet!!! all coming this May-June 2017. Yes this year!! Pre-orders are all up and accepted while they last.

3/6/17- Yes, been awhile updating here but the rest of the site does get regular updates. Just a note to say we received another set of Icons Batman & Robin Prop Replicas

And the HCG Aliens Pulse Rifle is now up for pre-order here since they are shipping by June 17'

10/20/16 - Tons of stuff!! We're updating the site just not here. Please check the Star Wars Figures page, Sideshow page, and more importantly the Pachinko page for the coolest toys on the planet!

5/19/16 - Lot's of Marvel, Terminator, and Star Wars additions. Have not updated this page but the item, pages are updated weekly!

9/4/15- Hot Toys John Matrix has arrived, one of our all time favorite "Aahnold movies"

7/3/15- We just spend a full day unpacking Pachinko's!? We received a pallet of a few select machines - hand picked for us from Japan's premier parlors: We now have: Robotech Macross, Star Wars: Battle of Vader, and Ultraman Battle. The SW & Ulra ones are probably the ONLY here in the USA right now!! Call us to get one of the rarest most desired machines around.

6/24/15- All EFX Captain America Shields are on the way to their future homes! Thank you all for your patience with EFX and it's many road bumps all the way!

9/23/14- We're back logged with updates for this page! We've updated individual item pages just forgot to do it here!
Well lots have come in: Hot Toys Iron Man Die Cast Mk XLII, Mk 33, & Mk 35
From Thor: The Dark World: Thor, Black Widow, & Loki
From Hollywood Collectibles Group the BATMAN & ROBIN SONAR COWL PROP REPLICA
And lastly from Factory Entertainment more MiB Noisy Crickets & Standard Issues and a great deal on their Garfield Signature Edition Statue too!

We almost forgot: We recently acquired a few sets of the Unobtainium Spiderman Daily Bugle Newspapers & Norman Osborn Badges in addition to the Pumpkin Bombs we're Unobtainium HQ!

6/3/14- Finally the Hot Toys Iron Patriot Die Cast Figure has arrived!! With him came General Zod from Superman: Man of Steel

5/3/14- New Additions: Hot Toys: Bruce Banner, Robocop ED-209, 1966 Batman & Robin is expected next week! Pre-Order: Robocop Diecast MMS. From Sideshow: Premium Format: Black Widow - Natasha Romanova. And eFX just got it's own search bar above! Adding: Wedge Antilles Helmet & Pre-Order Captain America's Shield Prop Replica

2/1/14- A few more new items showed up today:  The Crow: Eric Draven, And Hot Toys Die Cast War Machine

1/25/14- We have a been busy with a couple jobs so here's the new item update - better late than never!:
Hot Toys: Superman: Man of Steel, Amazing Spiderman. Sideshow Premium Format Chewbacca & Exclusive Stormtrooper Commander, Sideshow 12" G.I. Joe Cobra Commander & Baroness, Star Wars Darth Malgus.

And the NEW eFX Wedge Antilles X-Wing Helmet - And best of all it ships next week!!

12/20/13- It's a Christmas Miracle! We just obtained another Unobtainium Spiderman Pumpkin Bomb Prop Replica!! These are extremely rare and only come up every few years, so if you've been looking... look no further and grab it while you can.

12/17/13- Crunch Time!!  We've added the ArtFX General Grievous Statue, "The Mechanic" Tony Stark, Iron Man Mark VII, & Mandrin Hot Toys Figures as last minute gifts.

Regular shipping deadline is tommorrow 12/18, we can FedEX Express anything up to 12/23 but we hope you don't hold out that long.

11/19/13- HCG's Batman & Robin Sonar Cowl Prop Replica is here.

10/23/13- They have finally arrived!! The eFX Stromtrooper ANH Helmets are here!! Probably not for long but we have a bunch ready to finish your Stormtrooper costume, decorate your Man Cave, or just make the neighbors nervous....
We also received the Sideshow G.I. Joe Baroness Statue.

9/19/13- We just discovered a hidden stash of Kotobukiya 501st Trooper 2pks!?

We also have Sideshow 12" Yoda & G.I. Joe's Major Bludd.

9/17/13- We just acquired boxes of Original "New-Old Stock" Icons from an old Icons Employee! We're now loaded with all the extras that are usually missing from Icons pieces: Plaques, Certificates of Authenticity, & Care Instructions among other paperwork, etc. I'll be digging through and adding to the site as I get time... if you don't want to wait, just email us and I'll see what I can find.

9/9/13- Fall is in the air and Halloween will be on us before we know it.....

In stock now is Hot Toys Tony Stark & Captain America Star Spangled (SDCC 2013 Ex), Sideshow's Yoda Jedi Master,  and we have a Sideshow Galactus Maquette available. Contact us for more info.

And lastly we aquired another Rare Icons Prop! The Batman Ice-a-rang is available again!

8/13/13- Hot Toys G.I. Joe's: Stormshadow & Snake Eye's are now in stock.

We've added a bunch: Tony Stark Mechanic, The Mandarin, Iron Man Mark 33, Iron Man Mark 17, & the Hall of Armor Set

7/11/13- We're back! We had a quick vacation and forgot to post a note here... all email has been answered by now and all orders are waiting for FedEx to swing by.

Brand New Pachinko Ball Lifters are in stock! We only have a few as there was a bunch of pre-orders waiting. If anyone passes we may have one or two more.

6/27/13- Just a bit of house-keeping today: We have received the new HCG Terminator T-800 1/2 Scale Busts, they are very cool! Unfortunately not all shipped with the display cases so if you receive one without it call ASAP so we can get a replacement cover out to you. We also have Hot Toys Wolverine and Barney Ross from the Expendables in stock today.

And Finally a New Darth Vader 12" Figure!

5/30/13- eFX sadly cancelled the MIB 3 Standard Issue (the one with Blue Lights) so all deposits have been refunded. It looks like it's cancelled with no hope of redoing (for now).
Sideshow put Preorders up for Hot Toys Die Cast Iron Man Mark XLII & War Machine Mark II, Mime Joker!?, Wolverine will be here next week.

4/24/13- Finally! The Diamond Select Star Trek Klingon Disruptors have arrived. We also secured a few last Luke X-Wing Pilot Helmets from eFX, last chance.

4/6/13- New Hot Toys Pre-Orders are up: Die-Cast MMS Series Iron Man Mark XLII & Iron Patriot, & Wolverine.

3/21/13- A surprise just arrived: The New Terminator Endoarm Replica!! And a few Hot Toys Bane & Black Widow very cool!

3/14/13- We received extras of items on hand with the only new additions are: Hot Wheels Cult Classics: Ghostbusters 1/43 Scale Ecto-1A Die Cast Model & Hot Toys Bane

2/28/13- After over 15 years the MiB Standard Issue Sidearm has finally been created! Prototyped by both Icons & Master Replicas it took Factory Entertainment to bring it to fruition..... we think you'll love it too! They are now here, yes here already!

We also have more Hot Toys Iron Man Unleashed Figures and Sideshow shipped a few extra Snowtroopers & Heavy Repeating Blasters, grab them while you can since we can't get anymore.
Preorders are now up for Joker 2.0 DX, Deadpool Premium Format Figure,  The Amazing Spider-ManCaptain Jack Sparrow Premium Format, G.I. Joe Major Bludd, and The Avengers: Loki, Black Widow, & Hulk. Captain America Rescue Version from SDCC 2012 is also in stock.

2/6/13- New additions..... G.I. Joe's Storm Shadow, Snake Eye's, and The Baroness. Plus Iron Man Mark XLII and "The Museum". The Bounty Hunters are here: Boba Fett, IG-88, & Bossk. And last but not least: Yoda!

And we almost forgot, the Diamond Select Star Trek Tricorders & Phasers are both back in stock. A great "toy" at a great price!

12/21/12- Crunch time! We'll be around all weekend and till around noon on Monday for layaway pickups and shipping!
We just received a beautiful Unobtainium Pumpkin Bomb this week, we have not had one here for a couple years and we loved the last one, don't let us keep it!

Sideshow sent the Freddy Kruger and Frozen Dead 1/4 Scale Statues

11/14/12- Today delivery included: Hot Toys Iron Monger, Terminator, and Batman's Bat-Pod vehicle, and Sideshows Predator Bone Grill Mask.

11/11/12- We've got more! The Resident Evil T-Virus & Anti Virus Set are here. From Sideshow: the S.T.A.P. & Battle Droids arrived. We've also just added Sideshows R2-D2 & C-3PO Premium Format Figure and Darth Maul Legendary Bust.

11/3/12- Sandy kicked everybody on the North East Coast's Butt this past week, we're back up and running... we just took a bit longer updating here due to helping out friends & family. Thanks for everyone's well wishes.

10/15/12- On the heals of an awesome weekend at New York Comic Con 2012, we're finally allowed to offer up what Terminator Fans have been asking for: Hollywood Collectibles has released for pre-order The Terminator 2 Endoarm Prop Replica!! We had long sold out of the Sideshow Version and we occasionally find an Icons one but it never stays for longer than a few days, so here's your chance to finally get this piece for your collection. It's limited to just 500, yes a fraction of SSC's production but that just makes it more special to add to your home... pre-order now!

9/26/12- Unbelievable! That's all I can say.... the eFX ANH Stormtrooper Helmets they are on the way and expected to be here on Monday!!! Wow, all pre-orders will ship ASAP and we did order lots of extras.

Sideshow's Premium Format Predator Statue: Dutch is here we also received a very small amount of their Batman Life-Sized Bust but this shipment is all pre-sold, if you'd like to get one from the next shipment pre-order now. We also have an extra Darth Vader Life-Sized Bust, much cooler than just a Helmet.

9/12/12- With summer behind us we can start updating on new items.... we were closed for the past two weeks but were able to remotely get most, sorry but it's most not all, of the eFX Vader Helmets shipped. If you have not gotten yours we're working on it and should have the rest out by the end of the week! We do have a few left so if your on the fence, times running out!

We finally added the eFX ANH Stormtrooper Helmets, they say they will ship this month but we're leaning toward October. I can't say if they will make Halloween so please don't put your party plans on me, pick something in stock instead!

From Hot Toys we have the Batman Tumbler,& Nick Fury  in Stock. Added Iron Man Mark 1 V2.0  and then the whole lineup of Batman Figures: Catwoman Bane Camo Tumbler Dark Knight Batman Batman Premium Format Figure

And lastly The Terminator Quarter Scale from Hot Toys

8/2/12- A bunch of new items have been added and we finally located the "cheaper" Used Pachinko Ball Lifters!! The will be in stock next week, we don't have a ton of them but enough to satisfy all our pre-orders and still have enough to stock for a little while but don't wait too long! We also secured a new shipment of Star Wars Vader Pachinko's at a new lower price, $50 less now!

The Men in Black Neuralyzer prop replica is here early!!

The Iron Man Gantry set & Batman's 1989 Joker is also now in stock!

7/24/12- We're just catching up after a surprise trip to the 2012 San Diego Comic Con! As always it's a long week running about the convention floor from booth to booth to catch up on the latest & greatest in props & licenses.... We were able to get together with our current companies and are going to add a few new ones so that we can truly be your one source Prop-Shop. 

We've re-added Diamond's Star Trek Line, they are going to make more TOS Trek Phasers, Communicators, Tricorders, & now Klingon Disruptors!! From ANOVOS: Star Trek: The Original Series Replica Tunics.

Hot Wheels is making a Ghostbusters 1/43th scale Ecto-1 and we have the Argus Cube from Super 8

6/28/12- We just received the final shipment of Terminator T-800 Busts, we cleaned out SSC of their inventory and they are not making anymore so if you've always wanted one, and you know you do, get while we have them!
Get the Band Back Together!! .....Another Dealer Exclusive 12" Star Wars Figure from Sideshow arrived too: Tedn D'hai and Nalan Cheel Bith Band & Modal Nodes 12-inch Figure Set arrived!

5/2/12- We just received a huge shipment from everyone!
1/4 Scale Han Solo in Carbonite, Figrin D'an Life Sized Bust, Luke vs Vader on Bespin Diorama, Hot Toys Noland Predator Figure, and more Battlestar Galactica Helmets.

This is last call for the eFX Nautilus, if you'd like one we need to know by next week, otherwise we're sold out.

4/5/12- Finally updating a few new items.... First off Factory Entertainment's Men in Balck 2 Neuralyzer Prop Replica!! This is awesome especially since the old MR one is so hard to find!

We've received the Hot Toys Batman (1989 Version) & The Iron Man Mark II Armor Unleashed Figure

3/1/12- R2D@ & C3PO Koto Figure Set is in.....

1/26/12- Only a couple eFX Luke Helmets left, act quickly!

The new Sideshow Terminator Premium Format Figure is now here.

And the hottest Pachinko arrived: Macross Fever in the new V-Trigger Frame. We're going to try sometime new, we only have one here. It was flown in ahead of the primary order but we've realized that changing the cell is very simple, it's 2 clips and plug and play. No more undoing a dozen plugs and pulling the back apart!
So this frame also handles the Evangelion & Macross Frontier Cells too (along with some others and more in the future). Anyway, we've got a bunch of cells ordered too, we're going to add just the cells to our site shortly so that you can order one machine but be able to swap out the game field for more!

1/24/12- We just received a surprise delivery of the eFX Luke Helmets!! So pre-orders will ship now....

1/21/12- Just arrived in the snowstorm (thanks FedEX!) Sideshow's 12" Infantry Battle Droids. We also just added the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Willow & Faith Statues. Faith just arrived but Willows been here just lost in an earlier delivery pallet.

And even bigger news, the eFX Nautilus, a few pieces have shipped this past week to their new homes! Earlier than anticipated, so we're working our way down the list notifying everyone. The next wave is expected in Feb.

1/12/12- Happy New Year!!

After the chaos of the holidays we just updated the site tonight, we may get a few more eFX Luke Reveal Sabers soon so just email us for to be added to our wait list.

The Predator Stalker Mask arrived today along with a few more Hot Toys Captain America Figures. The Sideshow Premium Format Stormtrooper and a couple BD T-800 Terminator Busts are all due to arrive later today.

The eFX Nautilus has begun to ship!! Yes, but the caveat is that they shipped to direct customers, looks like we'll be getting them in Feb/March, sorry!

12/29/11- The Sideshow Dewback has arrived and he's HUGE!!

One extra note: Our shipping rate on the site has stayed the same for the past 9 years, we've held ground even though FedEx, UPS, & USPS have each raised rates at least 9 times since then! We're increasing ours but just $1-3 on the lower tiers and keeping the max rate still $25. Thanks again for shopping with us!

12/27/11- The Luke X-Wing Helmets arrived today and most are already on the way to their respective new homes, were waiting on a few straggler payments and then the rest will leave shortly. We DO have a few more available in the Feb shipment so if you're thinking, don't miss out! Just leave a deposit and pay the balance when they arrive.

The Luke Reveal Sabers are expected to arrive this Friday, as of today we ARE sold out, we'll try to get more but can't guarantee anything, send us an email and we'll add you to the list.

Hot Toys Captain America has also arrived along with Luke Skywalker Removable FX Lightsabers.

We will conduct inventory the week of Jan 8th, it's been a couple years so be sure to check back after the 15th for any "found treasures" I'm sure there's a couple long lost pieces hidden back there......

12/15/11- Just in stock from Hot Toys Indiana Jones, Capt Jack Sparrow, and then from Sideshow the Falconer Maquette. Coming next week: The Sideshow Dewback which companions with the Sandtroopers from last week!

And HCG has blessed us with a small shipment of their Exclusive Pulse Rifles!!

The latest news from eFX: The Luke X-Wing Pilot Helmets are in LA and will ship within a few days. The Luke Reveals arrive next week along with a few Nautili and some Galactica Helmets we'll update you as soon as items are ready to go.
The Tie Fighter & Vader Helmet are due in late January.

I almost forgot one of the coolest news, we will probably have the Licensed Stargate Staff Weapons back in stock in January!! We're in the process of acquiring the last pieces from the manufacturer.... preorders to be taken soon! We've had tons of inquires over the years since Lightspeed lost it's prop license and I think we'll finally be able to get one of the coolest props soon.

12/7/11- Figrin D'an from the Mos Eisley Cantina Band has arrived along with more Predator Legendary Scale Busts and the Sandtrooper Desert Sands Detachment Figures. And we have two Terminator T-800 Combat Endoskulls in stock for as long as they last!

12/2/11- The Luke X-Wing Helmets are expected to arrive in LA late next week, our initial allocation is now sold out BUT we have more on order that will arrive in late Jan/early Feb 2012 if you missed the 1st boat you can still get one, just 2 months from now.

11/29/11- We're checking our list and we've got really cool gifts on it!

Up and ready to ship is the Santa Yoda from Sideshow, he's literally flying out the door since he arrived, don't miss out - my kids (& us) may just keep the rest for ourselves!

And eFX has updated us!! The Luke Reveal Saber, Battle Star Galactica Helmet & Nautilus are all on the way RIGHT NOW!! We can expect them to arrive in about 2-3 weeks. And even more unbelievable is that the new Luke X-Wing Helmet will be here next week!!! I guess when it rains it does pour!

We also have a few T-800 Busts and Hot Toys Superman Figures sill left from last week.

11/11/11- We don't have an update yet on the shipping status of the eFX Luke Revel Saber BUT we've just added their demo video to the reveal page, for all our pre-order customers. Check out your next collectible!

10/25/11- Darth Sidious Legendary Scale Busts are now here too!

10/20/11- New In Stock this week: Deluxe Indiana Jones, Super Predator Skull, Battle Damaged Classic Predator Mask, Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V & New Green Goblin Figure.

10/4/11- We're extremely excited to announce eFX's newest replica: The Battlestar Galactica Helmet!! Pre-order now.... We've only got a few available and when they're gone, they're gone!

On an Update: The eFX Luke Revel Saber & Nautilus should start to arrive sometime at the end of October/beginning of November AND the Tie Fighter is set for December!! The Galactica Helmet is also due here in December too!

9/28/11- The newest (& possibly last?) Star Trek Cologne is now here: Sulu: "Oh my!" plus we've got the rest in stock as long as inventory holds up....

9/6/11- School started and we can finally get back to work here! We close to catching up updating the site....

Up for Pre-order from Hot Toys are: 1989 Batman & Joker, Iron Man Suit-up Gantry, Superman & New Green Goblin
From Sideshow's Predator line: The Ceremonial & Stalker Masks
From Sideshow's 12" Star Wars line: IG-88, Infantry Battle Droids, Sandtrooper Desert Sands Detachment, & The Dewback

In Stock: Kotobukiya's Art FX Figures, Cyborg Darth Maul, Aliens Pulse Rifles,

9/1/11- We're trying to get caught up, we lost power for most of the week due to the hurricane and today were finally able to access most of our email... please bear with us for a couple more days hopefully we'll get in touch with everyone by Saturday, if you have not heard back from us by then, please send another message!

8/14/11- We're Back! And have a ton of new stuff here or arriving this week!

Hot Toys Spiderman, Predator Tracker, and The Friend Figures are all in stock now.
Sideshow Predator Tracker Mask, Predator Skull, Indiana Jones Fertility Idol & Chalice of Kali Replicas.
Hollywood Collectibles Resident Evil T-Virus Replica Set

And probably the last of the Aliens Pulse Rifles are selling quickly, grab yours before their gone!

7/6/11- San Diego Comic Con is coming!!

We can't get out this year but our reps have already begun passing info to us on the Hottest new Prop Replicas and High-End Toys to make everyone happy. So we've begun THE big update: Han Solo in Carbonite 1/4 Scale, Luke vs Vader Bespin Diorama, Figrin D'an Life-Size Bust, Captain America Life-Size Bust, Captain America, Predator Tracker, and "The Friend" Hot Toys Figures, and last but not least: The Alien Egg Life Sized Prop Replica!!

We are also almost sold out of the Alien Pulse Rifle, if you've waited till now grab one of the last pieces before you regret it!

And we finally have a firm shipping date for the Nautilus! We will have them by early October 2011, yes this year...! The factory will have them ready to ship out mid-September and it looks like these will be a super low edition somewhere around the 260-300 piece range!! It's last call this week and we're only getting a few extra's so again, don't miss out.

3/3/11- The remaining Berserker Masks ship today, we're sold out but we still have a few Falconer Masks left!

A new Force FX saber arrived... presenting the Asajj Ventress Sith Saber, another unique collectible. And Hasbro improved the sound and effects again!

Here now he is, Yoda the 12" Jedi Master arrived, buy him you must.

2/24/11- Lot's of new updates are posted: Obi-Wan Legendary Busts are here, Predator Falconer & Berserker Masks arrive next week, Hot Toys Spiderman & Indiana Jones Figures are up along with Sideshow's Optimus Prime Maquette. More updates from Toy Fair are pending but you can expect more cool stuff!

2/14/11- We continued to add more pieces, just not update this page: Hot Toys T-800, Sideshows Boba Fett & C3PO Busts, and today the eFX Luke Skywalker Revel Lightsaber is up for Pre-order (Shipping in late summer).

Tomorrow we'll be making the annual trip to New York for the Toy Fair, we're looking forward to adding more to the shop... keep an eye out for updates soon! All orders received on Tuesday will ship out on Weds.

1/15/11- Happy New Year! It's the time of the year that we thank everyone for their patronage last year and we look forward to serving your collecting needs in the coming year!

To start things off, we had another shipment of Aliens Pulse Rifles come last week. The Hot Toys T-800 Figure is here along with a highly anticipated arrival: The Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones: Raiders movie, just don't look when you open it!

And if your on the wait list, the Sideshow Boba Fett Busts are set to arrive this coming week.

12" Greedo arrived last week, we have a few pieces left....

12/09/10- We've got a rarity In Stock! An Icons Jurassic Park Raptor Claw with an Un-Numbered (Blank) Edition Plaque... get it before someone else does.

We're Sold Out of all the old Predator Masks, but the new Falconer, Tracker, and Berserker Masks are up for Preorder. And the Classic Predator Skull Prop Replica will ship in 2 weeks, I can't guarantee Christmas delivery but it'll be close.

12/2/10- The holiday rush is upon us! We hope you all take a little time from the hustle & bustle of the season to appreciate the things that matter most, your family & friends!
....and maybe that really cool prop replica at your favorite store ;)

Enjoy the Season!

10/18/10- Halloween is coming! Get the coolest costume accessories here.

We received the EFX Stormtrooper Helmets last week and are down to the last few pieces. And the Snow Whites Heart Box arrives this week. To make things even better they DROPPED THE PRICE!! Yea, we can't believe it either....

EFX is THE company this week with one more update: The Star Wars ANH Imperial Tie Fighter preorder goes live today. We've only got 3 weeks to get our orders in so that they can get them turned around for early 2011 delivery so preorder quickly, and we're only requiring a $100 deposit so don't miss the X-Wing Companion piece.

10/6/10- Unbelievable! We'll we've done it again, eFX is sending us a shipment of their "Elite-Collectibles" Exclusive ESB Stormtrooper Precision Cast Replica Helmets!!!
These are a step up from the Awesome MR "CE's" from a few years ago that everyone wanted but we sold out of quickly.... they are truly the BEST Stormtrooper Helmet you can get for under $200 and for only $159 shipped in the USA here you can't beat it at all!! They arrive here late next week with plenty of time before Halloween too so grab them while you can.....

10/1/10- Our friends at Genki Wear shipped the next Star Trek Cologne.... Shirtless, set phasers for stunning!

We also have Sideshows R2-D2 & C3PO Duo in 12" figures from Medicom.

And, not that we are selling it, Verizon just launched the newest Droid Phone, the Driod 2.... R2-D2 that is! It's a limited edition Star Wars Themed Smart Phone... a little weird but looks really cool too!

9/9/10- Sideshows 12" Emperor has arrived and he looks great in his Throne too!

We also received a few more Jaws Maquettes. Bruce is one of the coolest Sharks out there, he'd eat those damn 3D Piranhas for breakfast!

And we finally took delivery of more Pachinko Ball Lifters!! The caveat is that these are Brand New Lifters instead of the regular refurbished ones that we've had before so they are a bit more expensive. We are still working to get more Refurb'ed ones but it'll be a little longer.....

8/19/10- We KNOW everyone loves their Aliens Pulse Rifles!! We're almost sold out of our first delivery, but never fear (yet) we have more on the way next week so if we sell out this weekend, and we probably will, we'll have more in just a few days.

We also have the new 12" Star Wars Coruscant Clone Trooper.

New additions are all over: Super & Classic Predator Skull Prop Replicas, Falconer Predator Mask, Cyborg Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Legendary Scale Bust, & War Machine Maquette

8/16/10- The Hollywood Collectible Groups Aliens Pulse Rifles are now in stock, these are Amazing and we're well worth the wait from the last Icons version!

7/26/10- Holy Cow! SDCC is like the NY Toy Fair on Steroids AND a case of Red Bull. The crowds were insane but the costumes and just incredible amount of stuff to see made up for the overwhelming atmosphere of the show.

AND we have to send out a HUGE Thanks to a great friend & customer, Julie, for the tickets to Disneyland... we appreciated the "day off" at the park!

7/19/10- It's official we're going to Comic-Con!! We'll be out of the office today till next Monday.

7/15/10- Just delivered: Throne of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Maquette, Leia vs. Jabba Diorama, & Emperor Palpatines Throne Environment.

6/30/10- A huge delivery today! We now have the Leia vs Jabba the Hutt Diorama & the Jedi Luke Premium Format Figure. We also are now caught up and have plenty of the T-800 Battle Damaged Endo Busts!

Starting today and running through the month of July we have a 12" Special: Buy any 4 12" Sideshow Collectible Action Figures and we'll ship them for FREE in the USA, for our standard US shipping rate for Canada, or for just $50 flat rate for the rest of the World!
The Small Print: USA customers will have shipping refunded if you pay through Paypal - if you call in your order there will be no shipping charge. Canada customers just pay what the Paypal cart charges: Generally between $20 & 25. And International customers, as usual we'll send a bill for the difference but no more than $50 for the order.
Offer applies to ALL 12" Sideshow figures and accessories EXCEPT Environment Pieces: "Recon at Waypoint" or the Cobra &/or Emperor Thrones.

And lastly, we are very excited to announce that we will be attending the San Diego Comic Con this year!! So any order placed from July 20th-26th will be held till the 27th for shipping. We will also be handing out cards at the show for a discount on future orders..... keep an eye out for Plasma Infusion Staff on the Con floor!

6/15/10- We just added two more "shipping soons": The Long Awaited Return of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Maquette and Leia vs Jabba Diorama. Both are expected shortly.

Plus we've added the pre-order for Jack Sparrow's Premium Format Figure

And we just received the Rocketeer Premium Format Figure, cool!

6/11/10- Iron Man's Tony Stark "Test Mech" Figure and the Sideshow Retailer Exclusive Sandtrooper Corporal Figure are both now in stock.

5/20/10- Almost missed this one... We have an extra HCG Predator 2 Bio Helmet! I guess we ordered more than we needed and forgot about this one, well it's now up on the site to the next lucky customer!

5/19/10- After a long wait the New Terminator T-700 Bust is now in stock. More GI Joe: Duke 12" Figures are in too.

And we are caught up for Darth Vader Busts! Our next shipment is coming in July, get on the list quickly before they're gone too.

SHIPPING UPDATES: McQuarrie Helmets: July - Nautilus Studio Scale: "Summer" (We're really trying to pin eFX down to a better date on this one)

5/11/10- After years of waiting the Snow White Heart Box is finally up for preorder!

5/2/10- Indiana Jones VS Mola Ram Diorama and more Indiana Jones Fertility Idols have arrived. And in that vein, we added the Mola Ram Premium Format Figure for pre-order.

4/25/10- We ain't afraid of no ghosts... the ECTO-1 License Plate Replica is here.

And the Gamorrean Guard busts are here too, we're down to the last Grievous & Ackbar Bust too!

4/15/10- Yet another cool Life Sized Bust: The Gamorrean Guard is set to arrive here next week. And not to be missed, more of the Obi vs Vader Dioramas are here now.

The Vader Reveal Bust is also shipping in small waves, now's the time to order before you miss him.

And Hollywood Collectibles updated the status of the Aliens Pulse Rifle.... it'll ship in about 2 months! We only have a few spots left.

4/12/10- Tax day is coming.... why not spend that hard earned refund here?

And a few new suggestions: More Terminator T-800 Busts are back, And we've just added the new Sideshow Jason Voorhees and Lara Croft Statues too.

4/1/10- Sideshow's Vader Busts are beginning to arrive, our 1st wave is now shipped. If you have not heard from us yet, then your on the next shipment. We'll contact you as soon as we know they are shipping and if you've been waiting to order, pre-order now!

QMX's next Stargate Replica, the Goa'uld Death Glider is on the way! We'll have them next week


3/13/10- Luke vs Rancor is now here & shipping out.

We're confirmed to receive a dozen more Vader Star Wars Pachinkos,  they'll be here in about 2 weeks. We also will have a few others check back to see what we get!

3/11/10- We've finally gotten all the Tricorders out, we are over sold on them sorry but we can't fill anymore orders. EFX is also sold out so there will not be anymore, these were ridiculously HOT! And I think surprised even eFX!

Sideshow's Sandtrooper Squad Leader 12" Figure is on the way

2/25/10- Robby the Robot is on the way along with the Heart of Iron Man and Luke vs the Rancor Diorama! We've also got the new 12" R2D2 & C3PO up for preorder.

2/10/10- The Blizzard today turned out to be a dud and our FedEx delivery made it through with Indy's Fertility Idol and more 12" Episode IV Indy's along with the Terminator T-600 Busts. And we just sold out of the Mc-Vader Helmets.

2/5/10- Starship Troopers! The Yamato USA Pewter Rodger Young has landed.

We also take preorders for the highly anticipated eFX "Mc-Vader" Helmets this Monday, February 8th. Since we will be only have a few helmets available orders will be on a 1st come, 1st served basis till we are sold out. (We expect it will be instantly). Check back on Monday or call us Monday after 8am.

1/20/10- Lots of new Sideshow pieces are arriving daily! We've got the Predator "Chopper" Mask, 12" Indiana Jones (Episode IV), more Commander Cody Busts, and 12" Grand Admiral Thrawn.

1/14/10- Happy 2010! We hope that this year goes better than the last few for you as well as us here, and thanks again to all our customers & friends who have stuck with us through a trying decade. We look forward to serving you this and every year!

With the new year comes new items: In stock now is the Cobra Sniper 12" Figure. And now on preorder is Duke.

The latest update for the eFX Tricorder is that they are safely packed and currently en route to the States, they are expected to ship to us the first week of February. We will post updates here as they move along.

12/19/09- We're down to the Christmas wire here but new stuff is still arriving everyday!

Today's addition is the 1940's version of Captain America's Iconic Shield made by Museum Replicas. We got the preorders out and have extras....

12/10/09- eFX has  done it again! They are going forward with remaking the Nautilus Submarine Studio Scale Model! But this time bigger is BETTER! It's 4 feet long, yes, FOUR HUGE FEET long! Pre-Order now as always you'll get FREE USA SHIPPING on your EFX purchase too!!

12/2/09- Due to a cancelled order we've got a few Sandtroopers available! These are HOT!

We'll be closed this weekend but will get all orders out ASAP Tuesday morning. You've still got plenty of time before the Holidays to order, Cutoff for US addresses via our regular shipping is Friday the 18th. We can offer FedEx & USPS Express mail too but it'll obviously be more. International shipments depend on the country but figure that orders shipped by Tuesday the 15th should have plenty of time after that it gets dicey with customs and slow couriers.

11/25/09- Happy Thanksgiving!!

Black Friday time is here! As we've done every year, we're offering free shipping & 5% off on all In Stock Items through this weekend! As always, our site won't just subtract it, so  just place your order and we'll refund the discount & shipping when we process your order. And the fine print: This offer is for all in stock items ordered through November 28th (Sorry but no Pre-order items). USA Shipments only but we'll discount international shipments by an equal amount too!

11/7/09- Well will wonders never cease! We've finally caught up with Terminator Endo Busts and have a couple extras, we don't know how long they will last but they are here, in stock and ready to go!

10/28/09- It's a Trap! Admiral Ackbar has arrived, he also brought along 12" Lando, Indiana Jones in German Disguise, Indiana Jones Premium Format KotCS, and Recon at Waypoint Environment.

We also will probably have a few extra Terminator Busts too!

10/15/09- Another surprise! We ordered extra GI Joe: Storm Shadow figures!

9/27/09- Well you asked for it.... we now present the Count Dooku Force FX LightSaber!

9/25/09- Predator pieces from both Sideshow and Hollywood Collectibles are here: The Predator Dagger and the Predator Disk Weapon!

And from Hot Toys the John Connor 12" Figure

9/12/09- Sideshow's GI Joe: Cobra Trooper is here now.

8/29/09- Oops we forgot to update our new shipments! We've got lots!

More of Sideshow's 12" Vader & the Obi-Wan Sabotage Diorama along with the Predator Spear and Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 2 Figure are all now in stock. And we've got Hollywood Collectibles Group 5th Element Stones

8/14/09- Sideshow is shipping a few pieces that we forgot to add some are here already and a few come next week: The Iron Man Mark 1 Maquette, Iron Man Mark 1 12" Figure from Hot Toys, Obi-Wan Sabotage Diorama and the T-600 Hot Toys 12" Figure.

We also added a another that was forgotten:  Lando Calrissian 12" Figure

7/3/09- We've just added a few more Sideshow Indy pieces for pre-order: Indiana Jones in German Disguise 12" Figure & the Fertility Idol Prop Replica.

7/30/09- We're sorting through all the SDCC News and adding items as we can: Up first is the Ultimate Vader Collectible, Sideshow's Vader Life Sized Bust! And we're going to try something new, with the economy in ruins a high end piece like this is really a bit much, we'd like to try and help by making the preorder a deposit payment option... then you can either pay the rest when it ships or make small payments for the rest of the year and have no bill when he arrives!

Also up on preorder is Commander Cody Legendary Scale Bust & The Circle is Complete Obi-vs-Vader Diorama

7/10/09- Will wonders never end... We were surprised today with a MASTER REPLICAS delivery! The LE Star Trek Enterprise Studio Scale Models were delivered today!

7/9/09- We'll not to outdo Master Replicas, Diamond Select finally shipped out the TOS Tricorder this week. We've boxed our last preorder just now and have the rest available.... As with their TOS Phaser we have to say that for the price, it's an Awesome piece! From a small distance the Diamond & MR are identical!

In other long overdue Trek news, we also have the Genki Wear Perfume & Colognes coming this weekend! Remember Red Shirt: live today as if it were your last, cause it could be....

Iron Man Mark 2 Kotobukiya Statues are also now in stock.

And the ESSENTIAL Sideshow 12" Figure Darth Vader is now in stock

7/8/09- We've just received the T-600 Terminator Factory from Sideshow and expect 12" Darth Vader to arrive tomorrow! He'll be shipping right away but we did order extras!

6/18/09- A couple "BIG" Sideshow pieces arrived this week: Celtic Predator Helmet & Hellboy's Big Baby We're also almost sold out of the Han in Carbonite Dio.

And for everyone that asks about MR's Disney cancelled Disney Line. Apparently eFX will be taking over the line! Expect the Queens Heart Box to be released in time for the Holiday Season AND even bigger news they will continue the Muppets line! Ms. Piggy, Fozzy, Rizzo, and Pepe the Prawn are on tap!!

5/30/09- Edward Scissorhands from Hot Toys arrived today!

5/28/09- More T-800 Premium Format Figures have arrived. And the 12" Han in Carbonite Environment will be here on Weds the 3rd.

5/20/09- We've updated and now present to you: Sideshows Admiral Ackbar Life Sized Bust, Terminator Factory, John Connor, and Han Solo in Carbonite is coming next week!

We also learned that the Terminator Busts won't be here till late June, Sideshow was unable to get them out in time for the movie premiere this weekend.

5/14/09- Well it's official, adding to an already impressive list of Prop Replicas Manufactures we are now an Official Dealer for Hollywood Collectibles Group! We already stocked their 5th Element Cars Diorama through Diamond but we're very excited to add the 5th Element Stones, Predator Cutting Disk Weapon, and most of all the Aliens Pulse Rifle!!  To make things better we're offering free shipping on their preorder items till July 1st.

5/13/09- I guess by now most of you have seen Star Trek? Well we though it was awesome too! Just as good, if not better than the recent crop of well written/acted/directed hero movies, ie: Iron Man and Batman.

We've got a bunch of new items: From Sideshow Indiana Jones Toht 12" Figure, Premium Format "Old" Indy is up for preorder. GI Joe: Cobra Commander. We're trying to get a few more Iron Man Helmets but it doesn't look good.

4/22/09- Oops we missed these yesterday: New Star Trek Toys from Diamond Select: Science Tricorder & Communicator from the New Star Trek Movie!

And we recently received a pallet of Pachinko Ball Lifters... we just didn't have the time to clean and refurbish them till now (it's nice to have a rainy day now & then).

4/21/09- Sideshow just sent us more: 1/4 Scale Big Baby & T-800 Premium Format Figures. The eFX X-Wings are due here on Saturday, we're sold out of extras.

3/10/09- Sideshow highly anticipated 12" Stormtroopers have arrived.

3/8/09- The next shipment of the New Star Wars Pachinko are Here!! We'll be cleaning all weekend and have some to ship on Monday and the extra ready by Tuesday - these are all Gold Frames except for a RED Cyclic one!

2/21/09- We're still going through our Toy Fair stuff but we hope to add a few new and a few old items back into stock soon....

From Hot Toys the Dog Alien is in stock, from Sideshow the Diplomatic Mission has arrived, and direct from Japan, the New Star Wars Pachinko is here... we'll be getting them cleaned up & set for USA power in their new homes..... SOLD! Don't despair we'll have a few more in about 3 weeks BUT make sure you reserve one.

2/16/09- We'll be closed tomorrow Tuesday the 17th for the annual trip down to NYC for the 2009 Toy Fair... as always we expect to have lots of new orders in...  we'll update the site with the new info this week.

Our New Star Wars Pachinkos are on the way. We expect a few to arrive in about two weeks!! Get the last ones from this shipment, otherwise a few more will be here in late March. And if your looking for Ball Lifters to make playing more fun, expect an update shortly!

2/12/09- Drum roll please...... It's official, we've joined with eFX as their newest Authorized Dealer! We'll be updating our site this weekend with the newest Star Wars Prop Replicas from the New Lucasfilm Authorized Prop Replica Maker, eFX. Up first will be the Ahsoka Signature Edition Lightsaber. eFx's big upgrade from MR is that they only start taking orders when their product is either shipping or ready to ship NOT while it's still in the concept phase, that will ensure no LONG delays and thus we'll get your order to you within weeks of pre-ordering rather than months (or years as the case may be ;) .

We look forward to bringing their full line to all our customers.... as an added bonus, all USA Orders are shipped FREE! AND we're going to start a FLAT Shipping rate for eFX international orders to make ordering even simpler... Ahsoka will only be $20 more! We've added an international ordering button to the page too.

2/10/09- We've got more Star Wars from Sideshow coming soon! The 12" Stormtrooper & the Diplomatic Mission Diorama are both on the way. And more Aliens... the Dog Alien from Hot Toys.

2/5/09- Okay that was a record! We're back to pre-orders for the Terminator Combat Busts... the rest of our stock sold within a few hours of the update! Pre-order and you'll get our next shipment.

We are also working on importing in a few of the NEW, Yes NEW Star Wars Pachinkos!! These were just released into the Parlors in Japan this past November but we've sourced out a new supplier who may be able to get us a few.... these again will probably be the ONLY ones in the USA!! We'll update the Pachinko Page with info as soon as we can put together the info.

1/27/09- And we just off loaded the truck and set him up.... presenting R2-D2 Life Sized Droid! He's here in the shop, drop by and test him out. We'd prefer to keep him but if he IS the droid your looking for (locally) we'll deliver & set him up too!

1/21/09- Another new line! Hollywood Collectibles! And to start off, we've got the 1/2 Scale Terminator Plasma Rifle. A great "Shelf-friendly" version of the Terminators Iconic Weaponry. And even better these are In Stock now.

We've also added a Terminator tab above which means that we're expecting lots more with Terminator(4): Salvation due out this summer.

We've also retired the Buffy Page, with no new props since Factory X folded it'll go it'll go into the archives here and may return if we find more props.

12/20/08- We're getting down to the holiday wire (if your not already there!) So unless you ship Priority Mail today OR are within the NY/NJ/PA/CT/RI/MA/RI and southern VT/NH/ME area standard shipping is not going to make Christmas delivery and you should contact us about overnight or 2 day shipping. We will always recommend the cheapest option too!

We've finally picked up a new Stargate line, from QMX: Quantum Mechanix, we present the F-302 Fighter Replica! The last licensee did not create anything so we've been without Stargate Props since Lightspeed finished it's run, we're looking forward to seeing what else QMX is doing in 2009.

And on that Stargate note, we're going to clear out the Stargate Action Figures, the Diamond Figures are now on sale & for Phoenix Icons Pewter figures it's Buy 3 get 1 free!

12/11/08- Flipping though the channels here we stopped on the Reelz channel and caught the trailer to Fanboys coming this Feb 6th... we agreed it HAD to make it to our site. So check it out on the home page or here.

11/8/09- We've been over run by "The Dead", Sideshows two Spooktacular Dead Figures: Tactical Containment Unit Operator & The Babysitter w/T-Shirt! are now in stock along with the Mall Santa we received a last week.

And we are filling the Sideshow Terminator Bust orders, they are shipping a few pieces each month. So it does still say pre-order but we're getting close to the end of the list!

We also have Sideshow's Henry Jones from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade.

More Stormtrooper "CE" Helmets arrived last week just in time for Holiday Gifts.

10/25/08- A whole lot of NEW items are shipping this week! From Rubies, yes Rubies Costumes: "CE" Collectors Edition Scout Trooper & X-Wing Pilot Helmets!

10/9/08- We secured a few BRAND NEW Unopened Master Replicas Millennium Falcon Studio Scale Models this week, they are here and ready to go, if you missed out this is your chance at a phenomenal prop.

We also just added a Creature from the Black Lagoon Premium Format Figure from Sideshow due to a cancelled order. He is really nice, check out the pictures.

10/5/08- We just received two Unobtainium Spiderman Props: The Pumpkin Bomb & Norman Osborn's ID Badge both of which are extremely hard to find.

And Sideshow's Captain America 1940's & 1960's Shields are now up for Preorder. Along with the NEW Predator "Scar" Helmet.

We also cleaned up & organized the Sideshow Page it was getting a little too messy.

9/27/08- It's official, we've got new Pachinko's coming.... the long awaited Star Trek Machine is confirmed. Along with Godzilla (who else would be on a Japanese machine!), and  Looney Tunes too.

9/17/08- The Kotobukiya X-Wing just arrived. And the MR Trek Phaser pre-orders are almost all shipped.

9/10/08- The Master Replicas Star Trek Phasers will be here on the 15th!!

A few "New" Icons pieces are on the way to the shop: Batman's Ice-a-Rang, Jurassic Park's Raptor Claw, & Lost in Space's Signature Edition Pistol. Icons are getting harder & harder to find.... we keep looking for you! If you've been wanting these or any others give us a call and we'll start looking for you.

We also just received a Master Replicas Snowspeeder Studio Scale Model yet another "find" from us.

8/28/08- We've just added the New Sideshow Super Robots Mazinger Z from Sideshow/High Dreams, we remember these as kids in the 70's!

7/24/08- We think everyone knows about what's going on in San Diego right now?? Well if not it's Comic Con 2008 the Mecca of all things Movie/Comics/Pop Culture and, of course what we're all about!
Well lots of announcements come out of the show especially new "Toys".... so on that note we are proud to present Sideshow's highly anticipated Darth Vader & Stormtrooper 12" Figures! And don't forget the Rebel Fleet Trooper too.

The new Star Wars Prop licensee eFX is displaying a "Red 5" Studio Scale X-Wing, Clone Helmet, McQuarrie Vader Helmet, and a few other pieces. We're in contact with them but it looks like it won't be till 2009 that they start a direct dealer network.

Sideshow is sending us the Lara Croft Premium Format Figures right now.

7/1/08- We've just received a few more Back to the Future Flux Capacitors the last shipment sold out quicker than a Delorean!

6/18/08- We scored another small delivery of Stormtrooper CE Helmets! We also were able to add a few Qui-Gon LE Sabers too. And the hottest piece this week is a 212th Clone Helmet Edition #0002! Yes, Ultra Low number TWO!

Sideshow has finally shipped our Jaws Maquettes, just in time for beach season.

Diamond's Back to the Future Flux Capacitors are now on back order, they will be finishing off the run later this summer with shipping expected in September.

6/9/08- Sideshow has shipped us the Palpatine Life Sized Bust, yet another awesome piece like the Maul Bust!

And we just received a Pirates Compass, Edition #01 to be exact direct from the MR Boardroom. It doesn't have the COA or Box but being the first piece and of the sought after compass makes it quite a find!

5/27/08- We've finally realized that Monty Python Props are sadly not going to be picked up by another company. The website is being slightly reorganized and we've added a Marvel page & Tab.

To highlight the new page, Kotobukiya is releasing an Iron Man Statue and Sideshow & Museum Replicas are doing Iron Man Helmets. Plus we're moving the Pumpkin Bombs and anything new that's Marvel related to there.

Check back next week, we secured a few Master Replicas Prototypes! We will document & photograph them here for your enjoyment and may offer a few for sale too.

5/14/08- The Back to the Future Flux Capacitor has arrived! Now let's see what happens when we get our truck up to 88mph? NEW PICTURES JUST ADDED!!

We also have confirmation of the Star Wars Pachinkos arriving here late next week. Apparently the increased fuel prices are affecting the import costs for Pachinkos and and we'll be forced to increase the price next week. Get your orders in by next week to avoid the increase.

5/7/08- The Diamond Select Spider Man Pumpkin Bombs have arrived! They are pretty close to the Unobtainium ones too. Tomorrow more SSC 12" Old Ben Obi Wan Kenobi are coming back in stock. Pre-orders for both will ship ASAP.

Indiana Jones Premium Format Figure is now up for pre-order.

5/5/08- Our last 3 cases of Luke FX's sold out this past weekend, so we only have the Yoda FX left. They are also selling briskly... this is your last chance to get them from us.

4/29/08- We've been back for almost a week now and have caught up! WDW was exhausting but the kids had a blast and we did too!

We're sold out of Predator Plasma Cannons again, it's highly unlikely that we'll get anymore. We'll be sure to triple our order if anymore SSC Props come out again.

4/15/08- We're happy to announce that a small shipment of the awesome Master Replicas "CE" UK Exclusive STORMTROOPER Helmets are coming next week! Yes, missed out on the last shipment of them, well we don't have nearly as many coming but this is your last chance to get one here! They will be here & shipping out when we reopen next week!

We also found a couple more Sideshow Predator Plasma Cannons!

4/3/08- We've just received a treat! A MR Studio Scale Darth Vader ROTS LE Helmet! We have not had one of these in awhile and don't expect to again! 

3/30/08- We almost forgot....  Cartamundi & SSC's Star Wars Poker Set is also here. We actually used one for a game last night. Professional weight chips and a really cool illuminated case would really set off your next poker party.

3/29/08- The New Trek Props are up! MR says they'll ship in late summer but expect that to be more like Fall 2008. After seeing them at Toy Fair we have to say they are well worth the wait. Unfortunately there will be no Signature edition for them.
And we're getting more LE Enterprises this summer!

On a side note, our upgrade here also included Vista and Office 07'. Please bear with us as we learn yet another new system.

3/26/08- We just upgraded our servers this week, it was a surprise but not totally unexpected but our email was down most of Tuesday. Two of us stayed up late to get it back up and running... we'll get back to your questions and orders in the morning. Thanks for your patience.

3/21/08- Sideshows Phenomenal Speeder Bike & Scout Troopers are in stock! We didn't think we'd get more than our original allocation but we did... and we've got a few to spare. They are AWESOME... everyone who stopped by today could not say more!

3/17/08- Happy St. Patty's Day!

While we're counting, we're down to just 5, yes only five Stormtrooper CE Helmets left!

3/13/08- The Art Asylum Communicators have finally arrived! We've also got more AA Phasers to go with them too. The CE Stormtrooper Helms are literally flying out the door, we're down to the last 25 or so and once they are gone, that's it! We thought they'd last longer!!

Master Replicas also shipped us an extra case of the Rare Mara Jade SE's. We were told this was cancelled last year but I guess not! Get them while you can.

3/6/08- The CE's did arrive here yesterday but we've been busy getting them back out.... FedEx just left here with 60+ CE Helmets on the way to their new homes. And we still have plenty to go around!

2/26/08- We're very proud to announce that a request we put in back in December has come true.... we'll be receiving a shipment of the Master Replicas "CE" UK Exclusive STORMTROOPER Helmets! Yes, many of our customers missed out on the Limited Edition due to MR having to cut the run short. We asked them how we could get the CE's and they came through! Preorder now and we'll be shipping in about 2 weeks!

2/20/08- Toy Fair was, as always, a great day! As you probably noticed the front page has the 2 new Trek Props & Fozzy! We've just added SSC's Dead Babysitter & Indiana Jones Figure/page to the site. Diamond is creating a 1/4 scale pose able Star Wars & Indy action figure line starting with Luke & Indy but pictures were not allowed pending Lucasfilm approval. We also saw MR's James Bond Golden Gun and Halo Props.

2/19/08- Well it's that time of the year, Toy Fair 2008! We'll be closed tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th to make our annual pilgrimage to the Javits Center. We have alot of ground to cover but we'll be back with a ton of new info and hopefully a couple new lines to add! Check back for more preorders in the coming weeks! In the mean time, Rebelscum has great coverage of the Star Wars part of the show here.

And I almost forgot, Gonzo is due to arrive tomorrow while we're out, he will ship out on Weds to the preorders.

1/15/08- Our Newest Prop Replica Line is now up: From Sideshow & UDI come The Predator Helmet, Shuriken, & Plasma Cannon. We're expecting the Helmet in about 2 weeks and the others next month.

Master Replicas has sent out a few shipping notifications this week. The rest of their Star Wars line should be arriving here during the next 2-3 weeks with the Highly Anticipated Stormtrooper LE Helmets! If your order was cancelled you've already been notified & refunded if you pre-paid. If you have not heard from us but have an order here, your okay. The magnitude of our order is just a little overwhelming and we might have missed sending you the good news. We are definitely Sold Out and we've closed our "wait-list" since it's longer than the shipment we're receiving.

12/27/07- We have to give a HUGE THANKS to the rebelscum board as a member must have posted that we were one of the last vestiges of Allocated Stormtrooper Helmets in the Universe! Our site was just inundated with orders and the rest of our allocation quite a few of the "not guaranteed" order sold within a few hours!! So we're also now sold out on them too!!

As a service to anyone else coming by, we checked out a few other companies that we've personally dealt with (Toynk, Bigbadtoystore, Fireside, & K&M) and they are also sold out. The only other place to check would be the links on Toytracker.

12/15/07- Christmas is almost here! Shipping is getting down to the wire... the deadline for regular shipping is Monday the 17th for the West Coast and international. Weds the 19th for this side of the Mississippi & EMS Global. Now if your NY/NJ/CT/MA your probably okay till Friday but I can't guarantee anything. We can and always do ship Overnight, FedEx just like Santa does deliver on Christmas. Just call us and we'll take care of your order. And, of course, pickup is fine till 2pm on Monday the 24th when we close.

Our next delivery of Pachinko Machines will be here later this week. We have more Star Wars and a new one, Indiana Jones! coming in... order one now!

12/11/07- Master Replicas just made a formal announcement on the shipping status of all the pending Star Wars products, it looks like everything WILL BE MADE, it's just that we won't have them till January or February 2008. Here's the full message:

The following is the latest shipping information we have on the remaining Star Wars items.  As most of you know, our Star Wars license will be ending on 12/31/07.  We cannot take any orders after this date, but we do have until March 2008 to ship the products out to you.  We are anticipating that we will be able to fulfill all of the open orders for the remaining products.  You will be individually notified by email about 3-4 weeks prior to your orders shipping.

Luke Skywalker Ep. V Limited Edition Blaster Now shipping
Boba Fett Signature Edition Blaster Now shipping
Boba Fett Limited Edition Blaster Now shipping
Mara Jade Signature Edition Lightsaber January/February
Luke Skywalker Ep. VI V2 Signature Edition Lightsaber January/February
Luke Skywalker Ep. VI V2 Limited Edition Lightsaber January/February

501st Legion Trooper Ep. III Limited Edition Helmet January/February
Boba Fett Ep. V Signature Edition Helmet January/February
Boba Fett Ep. V Limited Edition Helmet January/February
Stormtrooper Ep. IV Limited Edition Helmet January/February
Shadow Stormtrooper Limited Edition Helmet January/February

Stormtrooper Ep. IV Scaled Replica Helmet Now shipping
Boba Fett Ep. V Scaled Replica Helmet Now shipping
501st Legion Trooper Ep. III Scaled Replica Helmet January/February
Clone Commander Gree Scaled Replica Helmet January/February
Clone Trooper Scaled Replica Helmet January/February
X-Wing Pilot Ep. IV Scaled Replica Helmet January/February
Shadow Trooper Scaled Replica Helmet January/February

We hope that they were being conservative with this list and that we'll see some of these items come sooner, we've all got our fingers crossed!

11/27/07- Well Black Friday went over so well here that we decided to keep the free shipping offer going all week, till Sunday Dec 2nd night. It's been a secret sale till now with many of you confused as to why you received a refund from us, but fear not it's just our Christmas gift to all our customers for helping us get past 5 years! Yes, we realized a few weeks back that the website was 5 years old last August! The contracting side is actually 8 years old this May so with 2 different "anniversaries" it's hard to keep track....

We also apparently ordered the Sideshow 12" Bespin Commander Luke Figure. He surprised us today, so if you missed out on the 1st SSC Figure, Jedi Luke, he's a great fill-in for him. The John Wayne Cavalry Officer Figure also arrived.. he's really from "She wore a Yellow Ribbon" & "Fort Apache" but some sort of Licensing restrictions made naming the character a no-no.

10/31/07- Happy Halloween, it one of our favorite holidays here at The Plasma Infusion. Having 3 young boys and being in the "Prop" business doesn't hurt either! Have fun Trick or Treating!!

We've just added a few new pre-orders: The Diamond Select Spider-Man Pumpkin Bomb, and the Diamond Star Trek Phaser & Communicators too.

8/15/07- Well our first shipment of Star Wars Pachinko Machines went over well... so well we had to sell our display model too!! We just put in for another 6 machines and it looks like we'll be restocked next Tuesday. We also ordered a RoboCop & Top Gun Model too! We'll post pictures and add them to the site as soon as they get here. We're also going to stock extra balls if you need a set, we've got them! If you want to get one of these Awesome Star Wars Machines, order one quickly....

8/5/07- Pachinko is out! We just discovered this little gem of the arcade world a few weeks ago. Since it's arrival everyone who sees it, WANTS it! So we've contacted the importer to order more.... We'll soon have more Lord of the Rings, Robocop, & Top Gun Themed models arriving too. Drop in to play and take one home for yourself!

8/3/06- The Long Awaited Boba Fett SE Blasters are now shipping out, we have 1 more left and then the second wave will arrive next week. Also two new PoTC Jewelry pieces have arrived: The Jack Sparrow Dragon & the Button Rings.

And we've done it again! We're adding yet another addition to our showcase: Pachinko Machines! Now you say, "What the heck is Pachinko?" We'll come back next week and see what the fuss is about.....

7/24/07- Our new Stargate Pewter Figures from Phoenix-Icons are now in stock, check them out!

7/5/07- Please Note: We will be closed for vacation next week July 7-14th. It's last minute but a great deal came up and we jumped on it. (Taking a vacation with 3 kids isn't really a vacation but we'll survive!)

All orders by Friday night will ship Saturday, then we'll resume shipping on Monday the 16th when we return. We may have access to email while away if you don't hear from us we will answer your questions when we get back. Thanks for your patience!

6/8/07- A bunch of Helmets arrived today: The Clone Trooper LE, 212th Clone Helmet, & The Rocketeer (Our Favorite) Along with more PoTC Jewelry including the Elizabeth Swan Necklaces.

Also the Sideshow 12" Plo Koon Figure arrived. The Speeder Bike 1/4 Scale looks to be heavily allocated. Please email if you'd like to be wait listed.

5/25/07- Okay, so Celebration 4 is going on all the way over on the other coast. I can't get there but we'll update the site with whatever new items are revealed!

More Pirates items arrived today... The Jack Sparrow Ring & the Originally Sold Out Jack Sparrow Compass LE are both here. If you missed the Compass the first time grab it now, maybe it'll take you to "your hearts desire"?

Also the PoTC Dead Man's Chest is up for Pre-order. Buy it now and we'll throw in a FREE Davy Jones Key so you can open it! (It does open with or without the key, it just looks a lot cooler with it!)

5/22/07- Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End opens this weekend and we've just received the NEW PoTC Replicas! The Tia Dalma Necklace, Hector Barbossa Pendant, & Jack Sparrows Pirate Beads. Best of all they are only $9 each!!

On a very disappointing note we just learned that Master Replicas will apparently drop the Star Wars License at the end of this year. All items currently on pre-order here WILL BE MADE. So you don't have to worry about your orders BUT some items are up in the air (SS X-Wing, Bowcaster, Cody Helmet, etc) and until they are confirmed we will not take orders for them. We're also told that the other lines are safe and we can expect quite a few new lines in the coming months. We'll post more as soon as we hear it.

This does mean that the C-4 Exclusives may be available here?! Check back later this week.

3/14/06- Most people may not be aware but MR merged with Corgi this year. We now can take advantage of that and have added the Corgi Star Trek Die-Cast Models to our line up. And they are now In Stock too!

We've also taken delivery of the Boba Fett Scaled Blaster too. And we've negotiated a slightly better price so we can offer all the scaled blasters for a bit less.

The NEW Yoda FX's are HERE!!.. Order one now and be the first to have it.

And lastly, we just acquired an assortment of the Attakus Metal Star Wars Figures. They are Awesome! We'll probably add the Falcon Diorama soon.

2/22/07- We've had a very busy 2 weeks, Toy Fair last week left us with a pile of contacts, orders, and tons of new items we're pouring over and thinking of adding to our shop.... keep an eye out for everything new!

With that said, we've changed the LOTR page to "Cool Stuff" to be a catch-all page for Sideshow, QMX, and other assorted props that don't fit on the other pages. We had the Original Saw puppet hidden deep in our site. It's now Sold Out, but the 2nd Edition Saw Puppet is now available, check it out... it's something to give the kids nightmares!

MR negotiated a few Sweet deals on the Qui-Gon LE, Luke LE, Vader LE and the Snowspeeder Studio Scale. If you've missed them they are now at great prices! We also have an extra Commemorative Edition Enterprise now in stock!!

Code 3 has officially discontinued the Star Wars line. They cited the extremely expensive cost associated with producing their highly detailed metal models. They did say they may revisit the line in the future but for the foreseeable future the line is dead. That said, we only have a few pieces left in stock.... we're putting them on sale to clear them out.

Sideshow adds "The Dead" Doctor (in stock), a 1/4 scale Buffy, and much more... we ordered more than we can remember so we'll be adding more as soon as we get a copy of our order from them. Yes, it was a very long day down at Toy Fair! Jabba & Throne are scheduled to arrive later this week!

1/23/07- It's done, well okay not all the way. But we're moved in! We were able to keep shipments flowing, a testament to Deb's great organizational skills, so everyone did still receive their orders during the last two weeks....

With the big move done we can finally move on to the fun stuff! The MR Enterprise's are slowing starting to come in, we'll contact you as soon as your "up next". Sideshow's Jabba Critter Pack & the 1/4 Scale Luke & Yoda are coming tomorrow too. Then Toy Fair 07' is just a few short weeks away! Hope everyone is ready for the new lines. And again, Thanks to each & everyone of our loyal customers for making this possible We hope to continue to serve your collecting & home theater needs here for a long time. 

1/7/07- We've got a huge delivery.... right as we were trying to load the moving truck!!

We have an extra MR Falcon LE now in stock. Sideshow sent over the Bib Fortuna 12" and a few Jaws Maquettes. And the second wave of the Stargate SG-1 Action Figures arrived too!

We'll be sending out our last shipment from here on Monday afternoon then we'll most likely we'll be partially closed till at least the 12th. One of us will monitor email in the evenings and our phone will still be on, so if you call we can answer questions, take orders, and even help with a rush order.

1/1/07- Happy New Year! We look forward to continuing to serve you, our customers with High Quality Movie Memorabilia and The Best in Home Theater Equipment. Our new location will hopefully give us more room to service our local customers too!

 The New Year also brings a few new items:  MR LE Falcons are in stock.

12/27/06- We've added the Ghost Rider Maquette, Saw Puppet, and Archangel Wings all from Sideshow. We're also almost sold out of most of the already shipped 12" figures!

The "Big" news is that we're moving! To a BIGGER & BETTER location with MORE ROOM to service both the Collectors & Home Theater customers. Our new location will have a larger showroom to showcase the latest in Technology & Collectibles. Plus it has a HUGE storeroom, something we're in desperate need of right now! Our new location is just 3 miles down the road from here on 26 Doris Drive in Monroe, CT. The move is just 2 short weeks away on January 9th!
Due to the massive undertaking it is to move, something we've long forgotten about, we'll be closed from Tuesday the 9th till the following Tuesday the 16th. All orders will be held till the 16th (except for the MR Falcons & Enterprises which we've arranged to have shipped directly from MR, Thanks MR!!) In addition, all contracted work will be suspended till the following Monday, the 22nd...we just can't do it all. If you have anything on hold or layaway, you can pick it up before the 9th or come and get it at the new location after the 16th.

We'd like to thank ALL our customers for their support over the last 5 years and look forward to servicing you all in our new digs. Our phone number will not change so if you have any questions feel free to call or email us anytime. If we're not answering, just leave a message and we'll get back to you right away.

12/22/06- Merry Christmas to all! We've just been so busy with orders, construction, and the Holidays on top of it all.... In this very hectic time of the year, please make sure you don't forget to take time to enjoy what you have!

Master Replicas decided to do Santa's job this year and start shipping to Highly Anticipated Falcons! Some have already begun their journey to their new homes. If your one of them we've called or emailed you already. Next week we'll send out more notices! Enjoy!!

Be sure to stop by next week, we've got "BIG" plans for next year!

11/15/06- Rocketeer Helmets are here!!

We've also received a few Jaws Maquettes from Sideshow, we probably would have missed them if not for a favorite customer requesting one! If you are looking for something specific, always ASK, we do have and order much more than is actually posted here on the site!

And MR's Clone Helmet LE's are now backordered till after the new year.

11/03/06- We've got a New Look!!

Pirates of the Caribbean Necklaces are back in stock in a limited supply.

10/26/06- We've just received a Shock Trooper Helmet today! These are HOT! But we've only got one.

Art Asylum's Star Trek Phasers are a perfect "toy" to have when you don't want to break out your prized MR... we've got a few of their 40th Anniversary ones, check them out here.

We also in talks with a new Stargate SG-1 Licensee since Lightspeed is no producing Stargate props. We'll update the SG-1 page when we hear more, currently we only have TER's in stock.

And.... we're rolling out a new Logo next week!! Yes, I think we've finally "made-it", these almost 5 years have been interesting and we give a big THANKS to everyone who's supported us through the years!! Thank you.

9/14/06- Master Replicas newest Saber is up for Pre-order: Darth Vader Episode VI: Return of the Jedi... in a Signature Edition! So if you missed the first one here's you chance for JEJ Signature.

We're going to update the site a bit during the next few weeks. Look for new additions such as Rocky and a more concise Marvel page.

9/13/06- The final shipment of Special Op's Clone Helmets arrived today. They have shipped. And no, we don't have any extras left, sorry!

The Scaled Han Solo Blaster also just arrived they will also ship tomorrow to preorders and we do have some left from this first shipment.

We're also now featured at a favorite site of ours: Toy Tracker! We've added a link on our home & link page. They feature info on the current market prices on Sideshow, MR, and other collectibles that we sell. Thanks to Joel and everyone else over there for supporting The Plasma Infusion. Please drop by and check out their collectible value indices, it's like a NASDAQ ticker for toys!

8/21/06- Holy Cow! The Terminator 1:1 has just arrived here at our shop and words can not describe how COOL he is! We've only checked him out in the box and may set him up later, but he is for sale. If you want a truly unique piece for your home, this is it, we can just about guarantee that no one else you know will have one!

7/18/06- First off, Our family whishes to say Thank you all for your kind words last week. We appreciated all the calls at a time like this.

6/29/06- The PotC Compass and the Flintlock are Both now in stock and ready to ship. The Sword is due in next week!

MR also shipped the Star Wars Studio Scale Y-Wing early! Yes, we can't believe it either, but we have them ready to ship. Hopefully they will ship the Enterprise and (not on sale yet) Millennium Falcon early too?

6/10/06- Look out for this Tuesday... The Studio Scale Enterprise will be warping (sorry I had too!) in for Preordering! Three versions LE, Shanter & Nimoy Signatures, or THE WHOLE (well the gang who's still alive) CAST SIGNATURE EDITION!!! From the calls & emails we've had over yesterday & today along, these will be HOT. I expect the Signature editions will be heavily allocated and sell out well before the end of Tuesday!

11/24/05- Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanks for dropping by on Turkey Day....while everyone mobs the Mall tomorrow you can stay here and pick up your Holiday Gifts without the Hassle. We'll pack it all up and get it out to you with plenty of time to spare....How easy is that?

10/7/05-  One of the original reasons we got involved in the prop business is due to our first Star Wars piece (A Signature Vader Saber) from the old Icons company. We constantly trade and purchase pieces to add to our collection and at this point have some doubles too! So we are going to start to post pictures and occasionally put a few up for sale!!
So check out our Rare Props page. It's a work in progress so bear with us.

5/24/05- WOW! That's all I can say about ROTS!! Hope you've all had a chance to see it by now... It's by far the BEST of the new Trilogy. No it doesn't hold a candle to ESB, but it's great to see the story come full circle! (Many Thanks to Keith A. & others from NYC's Empire City Garrison for providing us with Tickets to the Ziegfeld!)

1/9/05- The Winner of the Sting Sword Contest has been announced, Congratulations to Joe S. of Sandown, NH! Thanks to everyone who stopped by this Christmas Season.

3/1/04- Well, first off, this web-site is!

We are actively working to get the site up and running...bear with us during the transition to this new and exciting format.

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site.

Check back often to see our Newest Master Replicas, Code 3, Sideshow, and other Movie Themed Merchandise.


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