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"Pirates" Collectible Jewlery: 

 Jack Sparrow Dragon Ring Replica: Get noticed with an authentic replica of Captain Jack Sparrow’s dragon ring

Take a tip from Captain Jack Sparrow. Great jewelry gets you noticed. Like this authentic replica of his dragon ring from Master Replicas. Meticulously created in antiqued cast metal, with a pale glass center, if you like attention – it belongs in your collection.

Features: Carved dragon coils around a pale glass center and forms part of the ring & Antiqued cast metal conveys a subtle gleam of power.

  POTC Dragon Ring  Sold Out

  Jack Sparrow Button Ring Replica: Romance is at hand with an authentic replica of Captain Jack Sparrow’s button ring

Play up your romantic side! Captain Jack loves the ladies, and this opulent ring is his reminder of a Particularly enchanting encounter with a rich Spanish widow. Treasure it to show your “lady” just how dashing and romantic you are, too!.

Features: Black stone set in gold-finish metal & Inlaid floral design of gold-finish metal and crystals.

  POTC Button Ring Sold Out

  Jack Sparrow Stolen Ring Replica: Slip a bit of gleaming mystery on your finger with an authentic replica of Captain Jack Sparrow’s stolen ring

Taken from Tia Dalma, Jack Sparrow’s Stolen Ring was recreated from an original 2,400-year-old ring belonging to Johnny Depp. It’s now available as an authentic replica from Master Replicas. Make it yours. Captain Jack would approve of your taste in fine replica jewelry.

Features: Dark purple stone – the color of ancient royalty & Elegant lines and antiqued gold-finished setting speak of treasures from the past.

 $9 POTC Stolen Ring  In Stock Now!

Sold Out Pieces:

The Dead Man's Chest: Own the chest that controls the seas!

Master Replicas is proud to offer a 2,000 limited edition replica of one of the most important props in the Pirates of the Caribbean films! (more)


 POTC Dead Man's Chest LE Sold Out

POTC Davy Jones Key:  Unlock the secrets of the Dead Man’s Chest with this unique hero prop of Davy Jones’ key. Wearing this meticulously crafted antiqued cast-metal replica on its leather cord may be all that stands between you and the deadly Kraken. Don’t set sail without it.


 POTC Davy Jones Key  Sold Out

 POTC Jack Sparrow Ring: When actor Johnny Depp wore one of his own rings to the set, it was so perfect for Captain Jack Sparrow’s character that it became a signature part of his costume. If there’s a bit of Pirate in you, this cast-metal replica of Jack Sparrow’s ring with its crystal gemstone belongs on your hand! Be the first to own this exciting replica!


 POTC Jack Sparrow Ring Sold Out

  Tia Dalma Necklace Replica: Tell someone you'll never forget the love you share with an authentic replica of Tia Dalma's necklace.

Give yourself or your true love a tender reminder to keep close to the heart.

Celebrate your love with Tia Dalma's necklace! Tia Dalma’s necklace features a pendant with a crab's heart-shaped body, and a woman’s face depicted on the front. This romantic symbol of love is now available as an authentic replica from Master Replicas. You’ll love its timeless, romantic style – because love never goes out of fashion.

Features: Antiqued silver finish for a patina of timeless love, Striking 20" long chain makes a gleaming statement, and The perfect gift for your true love – or to show the love you have in your heart!

 Sold Out

  If it’s treasure ye seek, look no further than this authentic replica of the Aztec coin medallion that Elizabeth Swann took from Will Turner when he was a lad. Every mysterious detail is captured in antiqued cast-metal with gold-tone plating. Will it bring you adventure? Order today to find out! (Packaging is now slightly smaller than image)


 Sold Out

Jack Sparrow Pirate Beads Replica : Be a pirate with pirate flair! This authentic replica of Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Beads is a must-have replica for pirate locks.

Ye have a look that turns heads, ye do! Get a head start on pirate style with an authentic replica of Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Beads from Master Replicas. Moroccan beads and a brass, antique-finished coin look sharp dangling from a keychain or invent your own way to wear them to turn heads wherever you sail. 

Features: Moroccan style beads with a touch of the exotic, Brass antique-finish charm, 3” long

Sold Out

   Hector Barbossa Pendant Replica: Add Pirate swagger to your collection with an authentic replica of Barbossa's pendant. Dare you own Barbossa’s sign of the snake? 

What does the sinuous snake wrapped around Barbossa’s pendant symbolize?  Secrecy? Coiled and silent power?  Imagine the cool weight of its cast-metal links and intricately carved pendant. It’s now available as an authentic replica from Master Replicas.   

Features: Carved snake is a legendary symbol of wisdom and secret power, Antique brass finish for the look of ancient treasure, and is 26” long, cast-metal chain has the heft that pirates like.

 Sold Out

 Jack Sparrow Flintlock LE: The first flintlocks were developed in the early 1600s and remained in use for nearly 300 years. For filming, Captain Jack Sparrow’s flintlock was built according to historical specifications. It’s now recreated as an authentic non-firing replica in ebony-finished wood with cast-metal details. The numbered, Limited Edition piece won’t last long, so order yours today! (More Info)

 POTC Jack Sparrow Flintlock LE Sold Out


 Jack Sparrow Compass LE: Follow Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass to what your heart most desires! Unlike ordinary compasses, Jack’s points to whatever the person holding it wants most. This authentic limited-edition replica features a built-in mechanism that randomly points in different directions. Discover where it will “lead” you. (more info)


 This is Edition Piece #1! We just acquired it directly from Master Replicas, it was their boardroom display & sales piece, But please note that it DOES NOT come with a COA or Original Box and it does have a  couple small chips on the corners. It does come with the wall mountable display frame as pictures above and the plaque #0001 already mounted on it.

 POTC Jack Sparrow Compass LE Sold Out


All images courtesy of Master Replicas, LLC. & The Plasma Infusion, LLC. All rights reserved.


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