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Han Solo Blaster: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back

Across the frozen plains of Hoth, glides a darkly ominous Probe Droid, engaged in a deadly game of hide and seek. Upon discovery, it opens fire with a volley of laser blasts. Coming under returning fire, it activates a self-destruct mechanism and explodes in a conflagration of metal and flame. A certain space pirate lowers his BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster and reports back to base that it’s a good bet the Empire knows where the Rebels are...

So returns Han Solo to the fighting fray in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, with not only his companion Chewbacca, but also a slightly different version of his signature blaster at his side.

The original Han Solo blaster prop used in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, had been returned to the prop rental company upon completion of filming. Therefore, the prop department had to recreate this iconic weapon for the sequel. This time out they chose a Japanese replica of an antique German “Broomhandle” Mauser pistol as the base for Han’s blaster.

Other changes included a different scope mount bracket on the side that now held a M19 azimuth sight, instead of the earlier vintage sniper scope. Similarly, the fire extinguisher nozzle that formed the muzzle of the original was replaced with a specifically- machined aluminum component that closely approximated what had been seen previously. Lastly, three model kit parts and two metal electrical connectors were glued and riveted onto the left side of the blaster to add visual interest. The Corellian pirate’s weapon was now complete.

In recreating Han Solo’s DL-44 from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Master Replicas accessed never-before-seen-archival materials, sourced original parts and faithfully copied the original replica of the Mauser pistol to ensure as authentic a reproduction as possible. The paint finish, weathering, and details match the version carried by Han in his scenes on Hoth.



Official reproduction of Han Solo’s blaster from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.


The blaster is mostly die-cast with a machined aluminum muzzle. The handle grips are injection molded plastic and decorated to look like wood. The scope has simulated “targeting” graphics inside the lens. The replica has a general weathering decoration to look like the blaster seen in the film.


Comes with a custom-designed display case, numbered metal display plaque, and a Certificate of Authenticity.


Display case has a matte black base, mirrored floor, acrylic supports, and acrylic dust cover.


Sold Out

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Rebel Trooper Blaster: Limited Edition 2500

Fiercely defending the cause of freedom and individualism, the courageous men and women of the Rebel Alliance would lay down their lives to protect Princess Leia and her starship. In the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope, Rebel troopers do just that—wielding their blaster pistols in a desperate attempt to fight off the faceless enemy Stormtroopers who overrun Leia Organa’s starship. The Rebel blaster was the first Star Wars weapon to appear on-screen and was modeled after a 1950’s British submachine gun (also the model for the Stormtrooper blaster). Like all blaster pistols in the Star Wars trilogy, it fired bursts of searing light-based energy called bolts.

In creating the Rebel blaster, Lucasfilm made some major modifications to the original submachine gun. First, the prop designers removed the folding stock, a feature that was kept for the Stormtrooper blaster. While the Stormtrooper blaster had barrel vent holes that were covered with plastic “T-track”, the Rebel blaster had vent holes covered with a tube of ribbed, rolled metal. A cone was attached to the muzzle of the Rebel blaster and a solid metal bar was then added to the top of the barrel, and the sides were detailed with “T-track” for the mounting of a scope. A non-optical scope was mounted to the bar using off-the-shelf mounting rings.

While the referenced submachine gun normally uses a 32-round magazine mounted on the left side of the gun to hold the ammunition, the Rebel blaster used neither a magazine nor had a magazine housing. There were also stunt versions made for Star Wars: A New Hope that looked slightly different than the standard prop. Notably, the stunt version had a thicker trigger guard. Master Replicas modeled its Rebel blaster collectible on a blank-firing “hero” version of the prop.


bulletThe original prop was modeled after a 1950’s British submachine gun.
bulletOur replica is made of metal with ABS parts and detailing and weighs almost 30 pounds.
bulletComes with a custom display case, numbered plaque, plaque stand, and certificate of authenticity.
bulletApproximate dimensions: 19” L x 9” H x 2” W

Sold Out


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All images are copyright Master Replicas, LLC.


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