Rubies Scout Trooper "Collectors Edition" Helmet:


Join the elite Biker Scouts! Why be just a Stormtrooper when you can be a Scout Trooper? Collector's edition prop replica!

You can with this finely detailed, movie-accurate headgear. This superb collector's edition of the Scout Trooper helmet fits most adults and is made of high-quality injected plastic. Don your helmet, hop on your speeder, and drive your neighbors crazy!
Note: Packaging not guaranteed to be in mint condition. Imperial Scout Troopers (also called 'Scout Stormtroopers' or 'Biker Scouts') are an elite group of Stormtroopers, trained to use high-speed vehicles (normally speeder bikes) to scout and survey areas, locate enemy positions, and on some occasions, infiltrate enemy lines to perform sabotage missions. Scouts operate in groups of 4 called 'lancers,' each led by a sergeant.
They often work in conjunction with other heavy reconnaissance vehicles, such as Imperial AT-ATs. Scout Troopers made an appearance in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith as the Grand Army of the Republic's BARC Troopers.
These soldiers were used heavily by the Republic at the Battle of Kashyyyk near the end of the Clone Wars, fighting the Separatist invasion force of the planet. Compared to the BARC Trooper from which they evolved, the Scout Trooper is more advanced.

We hope that you enjoy this addition to our ever expanding line of incredible Star Wars helmet replicas.


Sold Out!





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