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Here's more pictures of the New Star Wars Pachinko:
The Revenge of Vader

Power Up and we're ready to play...

R2 & Friends can help you along....

Approaching Mustafar Bonus Level                                                                           Battling on Hoth

Another Game on the Bespin Board

Vader Appears!

Currently the "Old" Star Wars Lumina Machine is Sold Out and very hard to find.

Below is our info on it for your own information:

Star Wars Pachinko!!

Yes, we've got them. The HOTTEST little known game from the other side of the world.

What is Pachinko??

A little late night searching to discover what was in that R2D2 unit back at C-4 lead us to the manufacturer and then to an importer who filled us in on Pachinko. In a nutshell: Gambling is Illegal in Japan. After WWII, someone figured out how to bypass that rule with these Vertical Pinball games. Apparently laws in Japan require Pachinko Machines to be replaced every year so what to do with all these perfectly good entertainment devices?? Sent them to us! Unfortunately that R2 was a custom job but we've seen some really talented work from collectors over at the RPF, maybe someone will design a case for us?

Direct from Japan's Pachinko Parlors is Sankyo's series of Star Wars pachinko machines exclusively for the Japanese market where pachinko parlors are very popular. The machines feature a miniature R2-D2 that lights up with beeps and whistles, and a digital display that plays select footage from the original trilogy as well as some rendered imagery developed just for the game.

The Game is quite simple, almost like a vertical Pinball Machine... load up the machine and front hopper with balls. A quick turn of the handle causes to balls to be fired one at a time up to the top of the machine. They then cascade down though various gates, pins, gears & wheels accumulating points (& thus more balls) for you. Depending on how far you turn the handle changes the force and the aim of the balls. The primary goal is to aim for the two "Start Gates" which start the center wheels spinning and depending on what 3 images appear, move you up the levels. Change levels and short movies run on the main screen. Various Cut-Scenes and music play at different points during play along with a moving R2D2 on the right side of the screen! It's a total immersion in game from the start.

Some shots of the HD LCD Screen:

These machines are professional refurbished by the importer, a 4 amp transformer installed to convert the machine to US voltage, it's tested and certified, then expertly packaged and shipped straight to us. Comes complete with an ample supply of 500 11mm Authentic Engraved Pachinko Balls, wood legs to stand it upright attached, startup manual, Star Wars specific Color Manual, and a 9 month transformer & circuit board warranty.

The epic Star Wars comes to life on a beautiful 10.5 inch LCD display with actual film clip animation and crisp audio theme tracks. Catch the fever of Star Wars pachinko today. This item makes a great game room upgrade.

Star Wars Pachinko Machine




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